A smart way
to develop IoT solutions

In our lab, we develop the most suitable hardware for your IoT solution.
We'll help you build your smart product to sell in the market.

Tailored hardware for every IoT application

Every IoT solution has different requirements

Low power solutions

Battery life and power management are two important factors in IoT device design.

Communication protocols

Choose the right protocol for each specific application. WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, Thread, LoRa, LTE...

Hardware optimization

Choose the most suitable components for each specific application.

Our services

Hardware Design

Firmware development




Device body design

Small batch production

HW Certification

Mass production

The future of IoT is modular

Modular hardware in IoT applications, it can be particularly useful in situations where the system needs or goals may change over time, since modular hardware can be easily modified or upgraded to meet those changes.

Research & Development

In our lab, we research and develop innovative solutions for our customers' products.

Smart door sensor
with OBJEX Link v2.0

Is it possible to develop a power-efficient smart device that is easy to repair and recycle over time while reducing the environmental impact of the device? The goal is to develop a series of smart devices(for home and also for industrial use) with modular design and high energy efficiency.


Energy Harvesting devkit - Energy harvesting is an alternative energy source for IoT applications. With energy harvesting, the energy available in the immediate surrounding of the device can be transformed into electricity to power the smart device.

OBJEX Link v1.x

OBJEX Link is a modular IoT board. It is designed to develop IoT devices that are easy to repair and recycle. OBJEX Link is designed to suit a wide range of uses: Smart Home & Cities, IIOT, Everyday things & Wearables, Predictive Maintenance, Agriculture Automation.