This is how we can help you develop your projects

Embedded development

Over the past few years, we have developed many projects that have required the use of a variety of microcontrollers/ICs, such as Espressif, Nordic, STM32, and Atmel AVR.

PCB Design

In our lab we design and assemble our customer's PCBs/FPCBs. Mainly for designing PCBs we use KiCad and Altium.

Firmware development

We can help you develop the firmware of your product, integrating all features required by the customer, and even connecting it to your cloud (AWS, Azure...).

Rapid Prototyping

We are able to develop a prototype in a few weeks, quickly iterating the initial design, and reaching the specifications provided by the customer.

Testing & Validation

It's essential to test the developed prototypes to verify the proper working of all components. In our laboratory, we use only professional measuring instruments.


We offer specific services for startups that need to show a POC/Prototype/MVP of their idea to investors and customers.

Device body design

We use Fusion360 and other 3D modeling software to develop your custom design case. We have some professional 3D printers in our lab.

Small batch production
10 to 100 units

If you need to manufacture and test some units of your product.

Consulting for
HW certification

We help you get in touch with specialized laboratories to obtain the necessary certifications for your product.